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The Sovereigns of Surf Rockabilly, the Sultans of Sass- the UpShots kick start your heart with all your favorite swanky numbers. Catch the moonlit pin-up boys in their high flying death defying pyro-acrobatic Rock'n'Roll spectacle. Break out your tip money, your cell phones, your dancing shoes and get ready; these boys are the hottest San Diego craze to hit the streets with vibes cooler than your ex's heart. 


You might recognize their drummer, famous San Diego surfer by morning and UpShots rockstar by night! The love child of Jesus Christ and Eddie Vedder the great-nephew of Frank Zappa and Weird Al; Matt "make it or break it" Bozone! 


Riding the bass, fully tatted, shirtless, local black belt badass and Americana drama heartthrob: the King of Swing, Tank of upright spank, Ace of Bass, the one, and only Asian Elvis; Vic "baby-making bass"  O'Hara!


Making sweet love to the chords of the famous red hot Sexy Mexi guitar with a bitchin Bigsby, the guitarist who can't be tied to the stage, Grammy-nominated audio engineer by day, James's Bond with a bad attitude by night, Aaron "Go Big or Go Home" Poland!


Leave your pacemaker at home, and don't wait up cuz these boys won't let up on the thrills, the chills, straight from the cat skills, these Rock'n'Rollers will meet you on the street, and take you on a wild carpet ride.


Savor the sound...the UpShots.




Surf-Rockabilly, Surf Rock, Outlaw Country, Rock'n'Roll



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The UpShots were voted one of the Best Rock'n'Roll bands in SD by the SD city Beat Readers pole 2018

the line-up consists of:

Vic O'hara on Upright Bass 

Double AA Poland on Guitar

and our drummer of the night -